Our services

The following is some general information about the more common services that we provide to educational publishers. If there’s something you need doing that doesn’t fit any of these descriptions, do feel free to ask. It’s quite possible that it’s something that we have done or can do.

Contact us for up-to-date prices for all the services below.

Set Word files

We can provide a wide range of support for creating Word files, from a quick tidy up prior to deployment to catch common errors, to a basic initial formatting and layout, through to a full typesetting service, complete with press-ready PDFs and web- (or VLE-)ready Word files. We can also convert typeset PDFs into editable Word files – tidying up automated processes, or manually converting them, ensuring everything comes across in the most appropriate manner.

Create Office templates

We can create templates for Word and PowerPoint that can be used for authors to write into, editors to format into, or purely for typesetters’ use (whether us or another supplier). We can create designs from scratch, base them on your parameters and assets or adapt a student book or teacher pack design, as required.

Traditional typesetting

We work, on PCs, in InDesign, integrating Illustrator and Photoshop. We are happy to work with XML and other structuring and to set up interactivity for PDFs or eBooks. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us to discuss them.


We can produce or commission a wide range of artworks – from simple iconic vector artwork, through technical diagrams, to figurative and cartoon images. We are happy to create one or two samples to brief for large jobs. (Please see the Artwork page for some samples from some of our illustrators.)

Editorial services

We offer editorial services on individual projects or as an extra to other services (e.g. formatting and editing Word files; proofreading typeset files before returning them, etc.). We can also offer separate (editorial) checking and testing of digital products.

File conversion

We can undertake various levels of file conversion, from automated to semi-automated, such as converting PDFs to JPGs for use as electronic thumbnails, converting artwork to Flash for use in Flash activities, etc. We can often set up batch processes for large numbers of files.

New digital areas

We are investing (in software, training and manpower) in new digital areas, including eBooks, eLearning and web and mobile apps. If you have requirements in this area, please feel free to contact us to discuss them. (We will be adding new samples now and then – please look at the categories at the bottom of the page, or the blog for new samples..

Other services

We undertake a variety of other services to our different clients that are not easy to categorise, including working on in-house bespoke software systems, for example. If there’s some work you need doing that’s not listed above, please do contact us, it’s quite possible that we can do it.